It's so easy when you're evil.

Worked on some new clothes for Luna today (name changed, more info on the blog) so she has something that actually fits. Lots more to do, but here are some preview pics!

People from the Lion’s club just stopped by at work and this is all I could think of…

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Hair time! I did some more cutting to shape the back and sides last night, and decided to style it a little differently today.  When it gets longer, my hair curls like crazy, but I tend to flatten it down quite a bit. So I let it air dry last night and kept scrunching it with my fingers as it did  It’s got so much body when I let it do what it wants to.


A throw back Thursday for today of baby!Kat.  This was totally a Myspace photo, but it’s still one of my favorites.


A throw back Thursday for today of baby!Kat.  This was totally a Myspace photo, but it’s still one of my favorites.

Came home to find the driveway full of strange cars. Hm.  My roomie is meeting with two men in the kitchen, one of which is her abusive ex (god I hope he’s still ex) boyfriend. They’re apparently selling her some sort of…air system for the house? She seems really stressed, this does not bode well. :/

myfavoritevoodoodoll asked: No labels? But I've already told everyone you're my wuvy-wuv! And I bought notebooks to write our names in with hearts around them. Lisa Frank notebooks. Nothing says commitment like sparkling multi-colored dolphins.


Well, who could possibly say no to sparkly dolphins?

Also, I can’t wait til we get our matching tattoos.

I love everything about this.

Took some photos of Fumi on her new body (Obitsu 60) and with her new eyes. She looks awesome!

Dating Stuff

I have all these updates I’d like to write, but every time I start I get distracted. Oooh, shiny thing! Oooh, doll pictures!  Oooh…lint!

So relationship wise, things have been pretty much silent lately.  This is partially due to my life being so crazy, not finding any good matches as of late, and my own…apathy in relation to dating.  I’ve always been someone who really enjoys my single time, and lately that’s become even more apparent.  I’m not exactly opposed to dating someone, but at the same time I’m not really invested in it either.  That’s probably a product of the aforementioned craziness, and my general exhaustion with life right now.  But over all it’s not a bad thing.  I’m happy, and getting more rest, and really enjoying spending time with my dog and my roomie.

The dating sites have also provided me with a steady stream of no’s lately.  From people that ignore what I’m looking for (age, gender, relationship style, etc), to those who would make better friends, to some who are interesting but uninterested.  So, where does that leave us?

I of course keep in touch with the lovely psychophancy, who I would jump in a heartbeat. :) I’d describe that as sort of a long-distance pining? A long-distance romantic interaction? A really, really long session of distance-enforced chastity? :P  We should probably come up with a better name for it…

I also recently started chatting with a guy on OKC, but the jury is still out. We have some common interests, both go to conventions, and he cosplays which is neat.  However something about him just rubs me the wrong way, though I can’t put my finger on it.  I’m curious to see if it is the same in person.  We might meet for a drink this weekend, depending on schedules.  So, to be continued…?