It's so easy when you're evil.


I think my coworker came in this morning and quit before I got here.  I’m not 100% sure as the boss hasn’t said anything yet, but one of the other guys relayed the conversation to me.  He was my friend and he didn’t even say goodbye. :(

I don’t blame him though, the boss has been treating him like crap and changing his schedule on a whim lately.  And out of the blue they hired back an old salesman (who, mind you, is a total deadbeat) who seems to have weaseled a few of my friend’s commissions out from under him.  I know he’s also dealing with some stuff at home, so I’m sure all of it came together to be too stressful.

I’ll be following him as soon as I find a new job.


In the name of the Moon…

I think I could happily just wear red, white, and blue variations forever.  A little Sailor Moon inspired outfit for today, complete with a transformation brooch (Kuma Crafts) and my own band of sailor scouts (Etsy-currently closed).

How my OKC browsing is going tonight…

Oooh, he’s cute and we’re a high match! Fun hair, similar interests and…he’s got a kid.

Okay, this one is cute and we have a lot in common. Hmm…good, good…oh…anti non-monogamy.

This one! Wears a bow tie, plays music, has tattoos and a beard, yum.  Ah. Rape fantasies.  

Maybe the convent is a viable option after all. :P


A nice, flowing dark mori outfit for today.  It’s very comfortable and breezy, which is nice given that it hit seventy degrees this afternoon!

Easter photo time!

Emmanuel grew up in a large family, a middle child among nine children.  They were extremely religious (his father was a religious leader), which caused a lot of problems for him. However, Easter was one holiday he enjoyed, with its focus on new life and light out of darkness.  He fled his family as a teenager, and while he doesn’t really miss them, he does always get a little wistful around Easter.  Luna doesn’t like to see people sad, so she keeps him company.  The two have a brother-sister relationship which Emmanuel really appreciates.

Worked on some new clothes for Luna today (name changed, more info on the blog) so she has something that actually fits. Lots more to do, but here are some preview pics!

People from the Lion’s club just stopped by at work and this is all I could think of…

(Source: whedonversegifs)